Motorsport Safety

Safety in rallying was always of paramount importance to Bertie Fisher, especially the safety of spectators, marshals, officials and competitors. During the early 1980’s, Bertie became increasingly aware of the need for an improvement in safety standards in Irish rallies.

To highlight the urgency in addressing this problem, Bertie, already one of the top Irish rally drivers, withdrew from competitive rallying in 1986 to enable him to assist event organisers in the promotion and implementation of improved spectator safety standards. The trustees of the Fisher Foundation therefore feel it appropriate to continue supporting motor sport safety initiatives in recognition of Bertie’s long established interest in this particular aspect of rallying.

The Fisher Foundation Rally Safety Awards.

Applications are invited from Motor Clubs and other relevant organisations in Ireland associated with rallying, seeking to improve safety standards on rally events. This may include: Support in the cost of relevant training for voluntary officials and marshals. Support in the purchase of appropriate safety equipment.

The overall aim of the award is to raise the driver's safety awareness and develop safe driving skills, with the overall aim of helping to improve safety standards in rallying.


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